The Hymn of creation

The Nasadiya Sukta (Hymn of Creation), is a hymn from Rigveda (10:129), which explains the origin of the universe. This script is in Devanagari, which was developed in ancient India around the 1st to the 4th century CE, and was in regular use by the 7th century CE. Big Bang theory was proposed in 1929. There is a huge time difference between the two things that I am about to compare. Let’s analyze what are the similarities and differences between scientific and mythological versions about the origin.

DevanagariTranslation (Basham 1954)[11]Modern Science
नासदासीन्नो सदासीत्तदानीं नासीद्रजो नो व्योमा परो यत् |
किमावरीवः कुह कस्य शर्मन्नम्भः किमासीद्गहनं गभीरम् ॥ १॥
Then even nothingness was not, nor existence; There was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it.
What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?
Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?
Stephen Hawking said, “There was nothing around before the Big, Big Bang. The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary; the laws of physics and time cease to function inside that tiny particle of heat and energy.
It is like Euclid’s theory of space-time, a closed surface without end. One can regard imaginary and real-time beginning at the South Pole. There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the Big Bang. There was never a Big Bang that produced something from nothing. It just seemed that way from mankind’s perspective.”
Watch the Interview of Stephen Hawking on this subject.

Heisenberg’s energy-time uncertainty principle proposed – Vacuum energy is an underlying background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe.
न मृत्युरासीदमृतं न तर्हि न रात्र्या अह्न आसीत्प्रकेतः |
आनीदवातं स्वधया तदेकं तस्माद्धान्यन्न परः किञ्चनास ॥२॥
Then there was neither death nor immortality
nor was there then the torch of night and day.
The One breathed windlessly and self-sustaining.
There was that One then, and there was no other.
Many other renowned scientists proposed hypotheses such as perfect-fluid, 
equation of state, Casimir effect, zero-energy universe hypothesis, Grand unification theory, so on.
तम आसीत्तमसा गूहळमग्रे प्रकेतं सलिलं सर्वाऽइदम् |
तुच्छ्येनाभ्वपिहितं यदासीत्तपसस्तन्महिनाजायतैकम् ॥३॥
At first, there was only darkness wrapped in darkness.
All this was only unillumined cosmic water.
That One who came to be, enclosed in nothing,
arose, at last, born of the power of heat.
The concept of primal seed/singularity before a big bang can be speculated.
कामस्तदग्रे समवर्तताधि मनसो रेतः प्रथमं यदासीत् |
सतो बन्धुमसति निरविन्दन्हृदि प्रतीष्या कवयो मनीषा ॥४॥
In the beginning, desire descended on it,
that was the primal seed, born of the mind.
The sages who have searched their hearts with wisdom
know that which is kin to that which is not.
It’s widely accepted amongst scientists that before the big bang there was singularity

तिरश्चीनो विततो रश्मिरेषामधः स्विदासीदुपरि स्विदासीत् |
रेतोधा आसन्महिमान आसन्त्स्वधा अवस्तात्प्रयतिः परस्तात् ॥५॥
And they have stretched their cord across the void,
and know what was above, and what below.
Seminal powers made mighty fertile forces.
Below was strength, and over it was impulse.
Everything started to form after bigbang. Planets, satellites, meteors, commets, earth, sun. stars, ocean, forest. Life as we know it, it all started after big bang.
Read more..
को अद्धा वेद क इह प्र वोचत्कुत आजाता कुत इयं विसृष्टिः |
अर्वाग्देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यत आबभूव ॥६॥
But, after all, who knows, and who can say
Whence, it all came, and how creation happened?
the gods themselves are later than creation,
so who knows truly whence it has arisen?
All our theories start after big bang singularity, but why and how did that singularity occur?
इयं विसृष्टिर्यत आबभूव यदि वा दधे यदि वा न |
यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन्त्सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा न वेद ॥७॥
Whence all creation had its origin,
the creator, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not,
the creator, who surveys it all from highest heaven,
he knows — or maybe even he does not know.
Nobody has any answer for that till date.
I hope our scientists could one day give us answers to these questions.

After so many striking resemblances to the scientific discoveries and Rig Veda, what do you deduce out of it? Do you believe or ancestors could have advanced as much as us to speculate the same origin theories?

Let me know in comments below

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