Tips and Websites for women to find a job after a break

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How difficult is it for Indian women in IT to get back to work after a break?

All working women have this thought of “what-if” when the time comes to take a break. The break may be for any reason – marriage, pregnancy, child-care, elder’s care, social obligations, etc., taking a break is your choice, but getting back is the hard aspect.

Generally, the safest option to choose is Sabbatical leave. However, most of the companies have their own policies related to it. How about people who are taking a break for an indefinite time? And who is willing to rejoin the workforce after a long break?

Many companies have come forward to help in this regard. Below is the list of organizations that can help women to restart a career after a break.

And here is the list of MNC’s with helpful programs in this regard

There are even small companies which encourage women to join the workforce. Just by a simple search in LinkedIn, Naukri, indeed, you can find a list of jobs.

When there are so many options to aid women, what exactly is the issue that 65% of women are not able to get back to work after a break?

  • The major contender for this problem is a lack of self-confidence. Many women find it really hard to believe they will be as good at work as they used to be.
  • The next big obstacle is the fast-paced, ever-changing technologies that we have to cope with. Maybe by the time women decide to get back to their job, the technologies they used to work would have become obsolete.
  • Comparison with peers, if you left a job as Xyz, you will join industry back with an Xyz role. You cannot compare yourself with colleagues who did not take a break and moved to a higher position.

And there can be a variety of other factors too, but if you are clear about your intentions, then you will have to take substantial strides toward it. Below are a few tips that will surely help you to get back to work.

Build your confidence :

People can identify if you are not confident. It shows in your energy, the way you conduct your conversation, body language, etc., It’s not assuring to recruiters if you lack self-confidence. And the fact that you are reading this post shows that you are taking steps to overcome your obstacle, so be proud of yourself.

Secondly, You are not in a bad situation as you imagine to be.

It’s a win-win if you are hired, as organizations wouldn’t have to spend more time and money to groom freshers, instead spend some efforts to rebuild competency and confidence of ex-women employees who already know the organization’s work culture and job. So give yourself some credit and be confident.

Build new skills :

You should be in a continuous learning process, whether you are employed or not. Being informed helps to be at the top of your game. Also, people with the right skills are first to be hired. You can take a break from working, you don’t have to take a break from learning.

How to build new skills?

How to keep in touch with industry trends?

Consider part-time or temporary jobs

Join internship programs, freelancing jobs, this will help you to upskill and prepare you for the job you are looking forward to. The hands-on skills you pick up are far worthy than the bookish knowledge on a subject. It can help you immensely with your confidence and your next job interview.


Networks with other professionals or people who work in an industry where you aim to join. Networks help to connect with the right people to find the right opportunities at the right time. Or even if it doesn’t, you can learn a great deal about what is going on in their industry, technology, company, etc. which will be helpful for your learning.

Let me know if the links and tips were helpful and Happy Job Hunting!

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