I never liked history growing up. I always scored less in social studies because of history. It has way too many dates for my brain to digest. How many kings and dynasties and wars and events can you remember to pass one board exam? But now, after there is no pressure of learning it to pass the examination, I have started to enjoy the subject. It’s just so rich and diverse, how can anyone not like it? As I explored more on this subject, I was fascinated by just how much history is trashed as mythology.

On the other hand, I have a hard time believing all the stories that I hear from elders, and it adds up to fuel when they say that we are not supposed to question beliefs. There are no written proofs, all the stories are passed on from generation to generation (adding mirch masala/like the game of Chinese whispers), and yes I know there were foreign rulers who burnt down millions of manuscripts to ashes, but still I have a hope that one day we will be able to rediscover what was lost. The good news is that now we have democracy. Its 21st century, and its time that we unearth our history. Prove or disprove its legitimacy. Not just follow our customs blindly but understand how and why we believe it.

It’s my humble attempt to share what I have learnt in my quest. I am not an archaeologist or a scientist, just a person with a passion for history. I am nobody to discredit people who have worked very hard to make these new inventions, it’s not fair to title it as rediscovery. I am only encouraging people to be inspired and get ideas from old books before dismissing it as fiction. Without Star Trek, there would be no SpaceX or Blue Origin. Similarly, without ideas, there can be no inventions or discoveries. Join me in differentiating story from history.

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you are as interested in it as me. Let’s connect and share ideas..

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